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  1. Why is graphic design important to my business?

    The quick answer… because there is too much competition and your business needs to look professional and fresh. The long answer… your business is like building a house; start with great materials and you will set the bar high.

    Developing a solid visual identity for your business will set a solid base for it to grow on. That first impression your business card makes, or the first impression your customer gets when they visit your business is crucial to them taking some kind of action. You want every piece of paper you distribute and every online page to have your branding… showing professionalism, creating trust and recognition. You may not want to be the next Sony or Google, but you can still look just as great and stand out in your target market.

  2. What design components do I need if I am a start-up business?

    Depends on what kind of business you are starting. But most definitely you will need a strong logo appropriate to your industry.

    You will need an identity kit (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, thank you notes and envelopes), a mouthpiece item (brochure, postcard, catalog or media kit of some sort), product photography (depends on business), and a simple, well functioning website design

  3. How do I build my brand (brand awareness and recognition)?

    If you are selling a service or products, everything you do or say or distribute should reflect the brand. How you answer your business phone, consistency amongst your marketing materials and website design, your packaging design and label designs, the quality of your printing, your customer service and more. Develop a simple but well functioning website, showcase stunning product photography, blog or hire someone to blog lots of relevant content, have a Facebook page for your business, remind customers about your new products and offers through an email marketing program like monthly newsletters, email offers and more

  4. I'm thinking about buying Adobe Creative Suite myself and saving the money of hiring a designer. Any thoughts?

    This can work if you answer Yes to the following:

    a. Do you have LOTS of time to spare to learn this new software (Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop are all very different).

    b. Are you very computer savvy?

    c. Do you have the creative skills to think like a right-brainer and create design-oriented solutions?

    d. Can you create a simple and effective message while combining creativity and language skills?

    HOT TIP- Focus on what you are best at and leave the branding, design and visual communications to an expert.

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